Friday, February 27, 2009

Here’s Some GOOD NEWS!...

According to COMPETE.COM which uses very favorable numbers similar to those of the of sitemeter, DailyKos lost 75% of their unique page hits (viewers) from September of 08 to December 31, 2008, FROM over 2.5 MILLION unique sit hits per month, TO around 900,000/month!

This is consistent with the Alexa numbers showing a massive drop in rankings as well, and then there’s Jotter's statistics showing much fewer diarists and active users.


Seane-Anna said...

I wouldn't start shouting hallelujah just yet. Sure, a drop from 2 million hits to 900,000 hits is great, but 900,000 hits are 900,000 hits too many. Besides, part of the drop in hits is probably due to the fact that the DK's guy won. The war is over and now the Kossacks are resting on their laurels. Somehow, that doesn't send a tingle down my spine.

JMK said...

No, this IS good news, Seane-Anna, because it must be looked at in the context of both Philly newspapers going bankrupt, the Seattle Post Intelligencer teetering on bankruptcy AND the NY Times' stock selling for less than its Sunday edition.

Here's where you and I have a've wanted to attack the Liberal Obama administration before they even got out of the gate.

I don't just think that's a wrong-turn, I KNOW that's a short-sighted strategy.

It helps THEM.

It garners THEM sympathy from the Moderate majority.

In short, YOU see Liberals as Conservative America's primary enemies....they're NOT.

Moderate (socially Liberal/fiscally Keynesian) Republicans are far more effective enemies of Conservatism than any Liberals have ever been.

Obama, so far, is only continuing the Keynesian overspending that started under G W Bush!

I can't argue with Obama's view of "I won! We're doing things my way now." as that's what we Conservatives said when Gingrich took power in 1994.

The election is over...the Liberal/Keynesian Republican lost to the true-blue uber-Liberal Democrat and they've got TWO long years to implement an awesomely wrong-headed agenda.

You sound afraid that "It might just work."

I'm NOT.

I want Obama to raise taxes!

I want Obama to overspend recklessly.

I want Obama to loosen our national security apparatus.

He has EVERY RIGHT to roll the dice!

His bets don't look like winners from here and he'll ultimately be judged on his results.

I have a HUGE problem with those fringe Conservatives who want to "react the same way the Left did with G W Bush."


I have no allegience to G W Bush...and neither should ANY Conservtive.

He's a BIG part of the reason this country is in this mess and why the Conservative brand has been tainted by the stink of big government.

We Conservatives have stood by while Conservatism was used as a goat's wash cloth for the last six, we've got a LOT of rinsing to do to get that brand clean again.

That gives the current administration a greenlight to express ship this economy straight to Hooverville.

I'm afraid this country is gonna HAVE TO really suffer before it wakes up, so I say, "Let the suffering begin."

In the meantime, you're not going to hear any over-the-top rants out of me....they come off as your errant post know....wishing.....

So, what's wrong with threats, you may ask?

I don't deal in threats. Threats are warnings and I don't give warnings.

Neither should ANY Conservatives.

Blue Wind said...

Nice wishful thinking. Daily Kos is the best and most popular political blog site around and remains so.

Interestingly, some liberals (including myself) were initially concerned with the openings of Obama to republicans and him waisting time with them in the name of "bi-partisanship". But now I am more supportive of Obama than ever. How did that happen? Well the continuous republican attacks on him did it. It made all of us realize that Obama is in fact great and he means real change. And I think he will deliver.

JMK said...

I DIDN'T "wish for" the D-Kos's site hits to drop by a whopping 64% BW....I'm merely quoting the Alex Web Information Company's ( stats.

Obama, is looking, as G W Bush did, like a mixed bag.

Bush gets credit for engaging us in the Military WoT AND for two tax RATE CUTS (the Cap Gains and across-the-board income tax rate cuts) that had tax revenues SKYROCKET in their wake. Personally, I'd like to see tax cuts down to the point where revenues SHRUNK, to force mandatory CUTS in government programs and services, but that's another story.

Other than that, Bush was terrible on ILLEGAL immigration, he was as Keynesian as his father and Richard Nixon, which is to say, as Keynesian as Jimmy Carter!

Barack Obama has continued the military WoT...ratcheting UP Afghanistan and even threatening action in Pakistan, while supporting the continued NSA Surveillance Programs WITH the Telecom immunities here at home.

Economically, he's assembled a very pro-MARKET team (Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, etc), but the current omnibus spending (a/k/a "non-stimulating "stimulus bill") is going to require a lurch LEFT.....and as I said to Seane-Anna, "I'm all for it!"

Let the suffering and the failures of Keynesianism begin!

Like I said, "I want Obama to raise taxes!

I want Obama to overspend recklessly.

I want Obama to cut Military spending and loosen our national security apparatus.

He has EVERY RIGHT to roll the dice on those things!

His bets don't look like winners from here and he'll ultimately be judged on his results.

Take YOU, as an don't make arguments putting "fairness and equality" over things like prosperity and productivity," and that's the ONLY reason I even engage you in discussion, because I see that at heart, you're NOT a committed Leftist idealogue. You're just a naive, unquestioning dupe, at this point, but you're young and will grow.

I've dealt with folks like that (committed idealogues) and they're hopeless. They claim idiotic things like, "At least income inequality got better under Carter and that's more important than having a few more shckels in your pocket."

I'm sure we agree, THOSE are disgusting people and both insulting and disgusting arguments.

Obama will be judged on results and we ALL now accept that "Reagan's RESULTS were far better and preferable to Carter's RESULTS."

So, given that Reagan took an economy with the worst U.S. Misery Index (the inflation and unemployment rates added together) post-WW II and turned it around drastically and immediately, with the Misery Index DECLINING every year until it reached SINGLE DIGITS in 1986, where it stayed throughout the rest of his tenure...AND tax revenues surged FROM $619 BILLION in 1980 to over $1 TRILLION by 1987, due to Reagan's cutting the top marginal rate in half (from 70% to 35%) and reducing all other rates by 25%!

SHOULD things NOT turn around as dramatically for this administration, then they MUST be judged (by the numbers) to be a failure.

I'm a numbers guy myself....NOT an idealist.

Big Red said...

I don't have any trouble acknowledging that JMK's stats are right, but you know what, as JMK notes, 60% of the American people aren't engaged, and what's more, the media is on OUR SIDE!

That's why I don't waste time claiming things like "Jimmy Carter presided over a better economy than Ronald Reagan," or even "Jimmy Carter's economic vision was fairer," because who cares?

As I've said to JMK elsewhere, when the current economy worsens, we can blame Bush and the media will be onboard with that and when that ceases to work, we'll lie and tell them "The Reagan-Gingrich 'prosperity' was based on a lie, that the economy of the 1970s was 'living within our means and we need to get back to that. Once we get people to accept that, it's a short jump to getting them to accept that spreading the economic pain among all is the only way to go. While I don't see a return to the Reagan-Gingrich prosperity, I don't see where that will harm the Left at all. We WILL ultimately make the Command Economy work and people like JMK will just have to learn to live with that."

JMK said...

AT least your honest BR.

Still, I think you underestimate the people.

The same people who didn't pay any attention to the last election until the last minute are going to do the same this time...and they'll do the same thing - blame whomever's in office, even for those things they aren't to blame for.

The American people are spoiled.

They expect those in government to "make things right"....and by "right" they mean easy and prosperous again.

It's as I've always said, "People love the free cheese, they don't like the cop on the beat, or the government monitor, making sure they don't take more than their allotment, nearly as much."

That's ALWAYS the problem with socialism, you can't help the poor, by tearing down the rich, because you can't base a system on rewarding sloth and depravity (the things that lead to poverty) and deliver prosperity...even the most meager prosperity.

Ultimately, the utopianists must MAKE people work, force them to produce, so in the end, the utopian is the most vile kind of fascist there is, the kind that seeks to micromanage and control every aspect of every life...and ALWAYS, they underestimate the will and viciousness of those they seek to control.

Seane-Anna said...

JMK, I don't see the left as conservative America's primary enemy; I see the left as AMERICA's primary enemy. The left is a fifth column that must be destroyed.

Worrying about "reckless" things that "fringe" conservative may say or do is a waste of time, though a favorite sport of yours, I see. Said sport, however, succeeds only in hobbling us on the right. We need to concentrate our attacks on liberals, not each other. We aren't the enemy, they are.

JMK said...

"Worrying about "reckless" things that "fringe" conservative may say or do is a waste of time, though a favorite sport of yours, I see.' (Seane-Anna)
Apparently the source of our disagreement over this vital issue is that you see Conservatism as "right" and ascendent" in America.

It WAS, and it still may be "right and just," but certainly not nearly as "ascendent," as you might feel.

The past six Keynesian years have tarnished the Conservative brand badly.

In that regard, G W Bush has been (unwittingly) as disastrous for Conservatism as was Richard Nixon.

It is now necessary for Conservatives to win back hearts and minds and that must be done, knowing that that is an uphill seem, at times, blithely unaware of that.

Liberalism can lay claim to having "won the day" in 2008...and even though it's almost certainly a case of John McCain having lost, than liberalism having won, that hardly matters now.

Far-Left loons now hold most of the controlling positions in Congress and they have the WH too.

Conservatives must be wise and cunning to win back America...and this administration must make some mistakes to allow that to happen sooner, rather than later.

The WORST thing for well-meaning Conservatives to do right now would be to express views that lead the 60% of apolitical Americans to see Conservatives as a petty, venal lot.

The vast majority of us are NOT and it's those people who are really serious about winning back America.

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