Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Call to Artists-political art for freedom of speech. Limbaugh Obama Boortz

A GREAT video piece by Conservative artist Alvaro Alvilar.

If Conservatives are going to really get their message across, we're going to have to make major inroads in both the media and the arts. Conservatism can't afford to cede those areas to the anti-individualist Left.


Roadhouse said...

Where is Norman Rockwell when we need him?

Rachel said...

I'd looove to purchase the Chump Change painting. That is *exactly* how I felt about the Election of 2008

Seane-Anna said...

JMK, I couldn't agree more that conservatives MUST "make major inroads [into] the media and the arts". Rush touched on this too when he opined on "Hannity" that conservatives have lost pop culture. Sadly, he didn't offer any ideas or plans on how to change that and most conservatives seem to be just as clueless. But whatever it takes we've got to get back into the pop culture game or it'll forever be all over for us and our ideals.

JMK said...

"Rush touched on this too when he opined on "Hannity" that conservatives have lost pop culture. Sadly, he didn't offer any ideas or plans on how to change that and most conservatives seem to be just as clueless." (Seane-Anna)
It's a real problem for Conservatism, Seane-Anna and there really aren't any quick-fix answers.

For better or worse, Conservatives tend to be business owners, private contractors (like independent truckers, etc.), blue collar workers, people in the Military and Emergency Services, etc.

Many of these kinds of people just "don't do art."

Many don't get art, either, as Roady attests above.

Nothing wrong with that, but it's a battle we CAN'T afford to ignore.

That's why folks like Alvarro are treasures for the Right. We NEED to embrace those who embrace and espouse individualism and Liberty over collectivist tyranny.

In a v ery real sense, Conservatism really is the real counterculture, as the tendency of most human societies to date, has been feudal, collectivism and governmental abuse/tyranny.

The free market unbridled by regulations designed to protect the already established enterprises is the only truly REVOLUTIONARY economic model, the ONLY one that allows the hungrier, more innovative upstart to ouutcompete and supplant the old, stodgy, "established" businesses and industries.

we desperately NEED to make headway in BOTh the media and the arts!

The NY Times may go bankrupt later this year, which may provide an opportunity for a more Conservative ownership to take hold.

machinepolitick said...

Hi Workingclass Conservative. I am a good friend of Alvaro's and very proud of his art and ideals. He is very talented and I hope he succeeds.
He asked me to check out your site, so here I am. I too am a Conservative artist. I would love to hear what you think of my work as well. www.machinepolitick.com
I have paried up with Modern Conservative to create a project promoting conservative artists. So now I write as well as paint.
I'm glad to see so many people are interested in what Alvaro and I are trying to do. Thanks for giving him a link. We don't get any support from the art community. It is very hard to create art on top of everyday responsibilities, with your peers doing everything they can to shut you out. I'm glad to see all the encouraging comments here. Chump Change is one of my favorites as well. I own 2 of Alvaro's flags, and they are amazing.

JMK said...

I've added myself to those who follow your blog MP....and will blog roll you ASAP.

I never really understood the artisitc affinity for the Left, especially those who've lauded the likes of Castro, Chavez and other tyrants through the years.

Political liberty cannot be separated from economic liberty.

I know there have always been artists who've reviled "commercializing art," and having to "the course public sentiment," BUT, commericalization shouldn't be a dirty word....in essence it's economic democracy in action.

The people choosing that art that resonates with them and touches them.

When the state controls and regulates art, ultimately all art, or at least all the art that's supported must glorify the state.

machinepolitick said...

Thank you so much for the support JMK.
You are absolutely right. State sponsored art easily becomes state controlled art. I think that is a big part of the backlash against work like mine and Alvaro's.
As for commercialization, I say bring it on. I have no intention of being a starving artist. I work very hard, and I will carve a niche for my work. I don't consider getting paid to be selling out.

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