Sunday, January 18, 2009

From the “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does” Department...

“Who cares if Maryland is broke, so long as Barack Obama is President.” (Lisa Gladden, MD State Senator, pictured left)

Well yeah, that statement was unquestionably moronic, but even worse is the fact that tens of millions of Americans are being led to blame the current economic storm and coming econ-tsunami that is about to hit a LOT of Municipal governments HARD on exactly the opposite of what's caused it!

The current credit crisis-fueled economic meltdown is being blamed on "rampant Capitalism" and "de-regulation," when in FACT, (1) we HAVEN'T HAD a free market or "rampant Capitalism" since 1912 - we've had a heavily REGULATED market-based economy and (2) the PRIMARY CAUSE of the current economic mess has been massive government over-spending AND stupid regulation (like the "turbo-charged CRA" that mandated that banks make more (subprime) loans available to lower income Americans).

Ironically enough, lots of brain-dead dolts in the media and in politics are now touting even more SPENDING (ie. a HUGE welfare check in the form of the misnamed "Earned Income Tax Credit to non-income tax paying Americans and MORE useless and unworkable bailouts for irresponsible businesses) and MORE regulation as the antidote to a problem that was caused by those things!

We've NEVER "spent our way out of a recession," EVER.

2009's economic malaise may well be blamed on "the Bush legacy," BUT 2010 will be the telling year. IF things get worse in 2010 - and overspending now makes that much more likely - THAT will be laid at the Obama administration's door...and it probably would return the Congress back to the GOP.

A GOP Congress alone is NOT the answer, it must be a Conservative Congress! The DeLay and Hastert Congresses were nearly as profligate and reckless and the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

The ONLY Congress in the past CENTURY that cut federal spending, produced budget surpluses and delivered some of the lowest Misery Indexes (the inflation rate and the unemployment rate added together) in over four decades was the GINGRICH Congress.

A lot of people who've been immune to the recessions of the last 25 years (government workers) are about to get hit and hit hard.

States like NY, CA, MI and IL are all deeply in debt. NYS is some $25 BILLION in debt and NYC, which has already laid off some workers is looking at the possibility of massive layoffs in fiscal year (FY) 2009, which begins in July.

Moreover, the pension funds for most cities are managed by their states and if NYS, CA or IL go into default, all those lavish Municipal pensions will be paid in pennies on the dollar.

THAT'S when you're going to see some REAL social turmoil, because there's no more spoiled group than the Municipal workers who've been immune to economic downturns and fiscal upheavals. The specter of laid off and pension-less cops, teachers, public health workers, firefghters and social workers is a Liberal's nightmare.

I'm not saying THAT'S definitely coming, but I AM saying IT COULD and the odds increase the more we try and spend and regulate our way out of this.

And that's coming from a 24 year firefighter in NYC, so I'm NOT "rooting for disaster", merely facing the realities that are as clear as that iceberg just ahead of the Titanic once was.
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Rachel said...

Ohhh, I think it's coming. The result will probably be state controlled entities like grocery store and hospitals where all you do is show your id and get "treated" but remember, you get what you pay for.

And that Gladden is a complete moron, high over a black man becoming president (why am I nonplussed about it?). But if Baltimore goes into the sink anymore, her job is next, O as pres or not.

WomanHonorThyself said...

..merely facing the realities that are as clear as that iceberg just ahead of the Titanic once was....well put my friend! someone who works closely with FDNY..I know just how u feel...perhaps the tide will magically turn in our direction eh?!

Roadhouse said...

Don't worry! It's all long as the printing presses over at the US Mint don't break down.

My truck had a flat tire the other day, so I took a cue from our government and threw a giant wad of cash at it. Would you believe that didn't fix my tire! Obviously I should throw a bigger wad at it. That'll do it!

Firefighter's Voice said...

hello JMK, my name is Dave, I'm a firefighter in Texas, also a conservative (now leaning toward libertarian) as are most of our firefigher brethern. I have some questions about the IAFF and their constitution, different local constitutions and their relationship with the IAFF and also which FDs have withdrawn from the IAFF what has caused them to do so. Two fellow firefighters and myself are starting a blog called nothing's on there yet but will be soon. I'll definetely link to yours and would enjoy speaking to you more and bouncing ideas and opinions off you. when you get a chance, please contact me at

JMK said...

I sure hope not Rachel!

That kind of "Commissary economy" would be indistinguishable from that of the failed, former USSR.

For the record, I don't dislike B.O. and am determined to give him and Emanuel a chance.

And his election is historic, despite the many ironies (his Mom's ancestor's owning slaves, his father's African roots, as many American-born blacks tend to hold African and Carribean-born blacks in low esteem) and I can understand the pride that many of African descent have.

As for Ms. Gladden, I'm somewhat more perplexed. As a public servant, the words, "Right now it doesn't matter that my Municipality is broke..." should NEVER cross one's lips.

JMK said...

I'm in Hazmat-1 now (for the past 4 years actually) after almost two decades in the South Bronx.

The tide will turn IF and WHEN Liberal policies fail.

It would be "magic," IF such policies worked, even short-term.

JMK said...

Maybe you should've asked Jimmy Carter to throw that money at it....or better YET, get him to throw SOMEONE ELSE'S money at it.

Not that it work, just that it would be fun to see.

JMK said...

Hi Dave!

Thanks for stopping by....I will definitely check out your site and try and touch base via email.

Z said...

STUPID is right, JMK..IMagine?

Hey, you were in the fire department and a haz/mat expert.......were you involved in 9/11 and have you written about that? I'd love to know.

Your comments at my site continue to be excellent..thanks so much for contributing so well to the conversations.

JMK said...

Hi Z!

I was on the FDNY on 9/11.

I worked in the South Bronx at the time and we were dispatched early in the morning of the 12th. We were supposed to go down at 6 pm on the 11th, then 9 pm, then midnight.

I came in to work on Monday and Tuesday to work those two day shifts (9am to 6pm)...I got in around 8am on Tuesday the 11th and didn't get home til around noon on Thursday the 13th.

There wasn't much for me to write about, since I wasn't among the initial responders.

I have written a book Looking Up: A Working View about growing up working-class and after straying Left in College, rediscovering my Conservative beliefs.

Seane-Anna said...

"Who cares if Maryland is broke, so long as Barack Obama is president." She actually said that? It's not a joke? Oh my God! Michael Savage was right. Liberalism really IS a mental disorder!

JMK said...

Sadly, she DID say that Seane-Anna.

I'm sure meant it more as an embracing of a historical moment, it's just that as a state legislator, she probably should have chosen her words more carefully.

And yes, Mike Savage is indeed right, that "Liberalism (at least extreme or "far-Left Liberalism") is a mental disorder."

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