Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who do Liberal Policies Benefit Most?

A common canard parroted by Liberals everywhere is that “working people” who vote Conservative are “voting against their own best interests.”

You’ll never hear HOW those people are doing that, because parrots can’t reason and make actual arguments, they can only...well...parrot other’s assertions.

I’ve already explained HOW Conservative policies BENEFIT working people and HOW Liberal policies HARM them here...

For working people one of the most consistently vital issues is tax policy – and the consensus is that the vast majority of working Americans feel over-taxed.

And they’re right.

Another vital issue for working Americans is criminal justice – they overwhelmingly support stronger measures against criminal suspects, especially violent felons.

On the economy America’s working people support things that help PRIVATE industry create JOBS.


Because, quite simply, Americans love to work.

I mean that. I’ve been to 47 of the 50 states (though I’ll admit I can’t find the 57 that Barack Obama claims exists) and I’ll tell you this without a bit of paternalism on my part – the American people LOVE to work, and they’re built to work. This is a country peopled by folks with strong backs and a burning desire to use them. 48% of Americans claim they’d continue working even if they won the lottery!

So, it’s no wonder that JOBS CREATION is such a focus of so many Americans.

They also support policies that makes living their lives cheaper and easier – like cheaper energy costs! With America sitting on as much as 2.6 TRILLION barrels of oil, the vast majority of Americans (over 70%...and almost certainly over 90% of working Americans) support drilling here and now to bring MORE oil to market, to bring down the costs).

Americans also support EVERYONE being judged on the same standards and oppose by better than 2 to 1 any kinds of race/gender-based preferences for either employment OR jobs admissions.

So most working Americans support a low tax, limited government policy, with a greater emphasis on criminal justice (a “tough on crime” stance), government getting out of the way to allow private enterprise to create more jobs, oppose segregated standards and race/gender-based preferences and energy policies that would seek to bring MORE product to market to lower energy costs.

Conservatives support those SAME things!

So, how do working people “vote AGAINST their own interests” when they vote for Conservatives who support the very SAME things that they support?

Well, either they DON’T, OR those things they support aren’t really in their best interests, to begin with.

BUT they ARE!

A low tax, limited government policy that focuses on criminal justice and allows the private sector to create more jobs IS very much in the best interests of working Americans.

If those things weren’t, wouldn’t you think that there’d be people assailing folks like myself for “telling such lies,” (there aren’t) and more than that, wouldn’t there be lots of Liberals around explaining exactly HOW Liberal policies (higher taxes, an emphasis on suspect’s rights and dealing with “root causes” instead of a narrow “tough-on-crime” approach, restricting drilling the HUGE oil reserves we have right here, etc.) would be more beneficial to working Americans? Once AGAIN, there aren't!

Personally, I haven’t met a single Liberal willing to actually try and explain how such policies would benefit most working Americans...and I've looked around and I've challenged quite a few to do just that.

And I DON’T wonder why.

They can’t. The vast majority of Liberals (perhaps ALL) simply CAN'T make such an argument.

So, if Liberal policies DON’T benefit hard-working Americans, who do they benefit?

Well, they benefit those on the dole, especially those who simply don’t WANT to work – those who see work as “wage slavery.” They benefit these folks by seeking to increase social program-giveaways from WIC and welfare to SSI...ALL at the expense of working Americans.

Those policies also benefit the criminal class by making it more difficult to gather evidence and convict criminals and also by seeking “damages” from you and I FOR criminals, by “blaming society” (that’s US working folks) for criminal’s actions.

They also ostensibly benefit government bureaucrats, but again, ONLY ostensibly, as any policy that restricts the private sector, reduces the revenues needed to fund the public sector.

And they seem to benefit all those multi-national oil/energy companies and all those Sheiks who profit from our own short-sightedness in keeping all that oil (all 2.6 TRILLION barrels) off the world market!

Hmmmm, scammers, thugs and profiteers! It seems the ONLY people NOT benefited by those Liberal policies are America’s working people, who pay the freight for all this in too many ways to count.

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