Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Albany Attorney General Balks...

...at releasing transcripts of testimony about the Eliot Spitzer “Dirty Tricks” plot, and in so doing, is currently violating a court order to release those scandal files.

In short, David Soares is blatantly violating the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but apparently, because he’s doing it to protect yet another Liberal wrong-doer (Eliot Spitzer), it’s being largely overlooked!

It is believed that the testimony would likely provide further proof that Darren Dopp (Spitzer’s Communication Director), Eliot Spitzer and others lied to Soares and other investigators to get Soares (a major Spitzer ally) to issue a report that contradicted the earlier one issued by Andrew Cuomo (the New York State AG) that charged that top aides to then Governor Spitzer had blatantly misused the State Police in a plot against GOP State Senate chairman, Joe Bruno.

So much for support for the FOIA.

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