Monday, March 24, 2008

Yet Another Democrat Released Back Into Society

More good news on the Hillary/Obama front, yet another Liberal Democrat was released back into society last week, when Sara Jane Olson (the former SLA terrorist) was released from federal prison via a “clerical error.

Of course a review is in progress, with Scott Kernan (chief deputy secretary for the California Department of Corrections) saying, "The department is sensitive to the impact such an error has had on all involved in this case and sincerely regrets the mistake."

Kernan said the review was ordered "after many concerns raised in the media." The union that represents Los Angeles police officers and the son of a woman killed in a decades-old botched robbery at a bank near Sacramento opposed Olson's release.

AND of COURSE, Sara Jane Olsen’s attorney disagrees...and in true 1960s radicaleeze, no less! “As far as we're concerned they're bowing to political pressure and they are wrong," Shawn Chapman Holley said, adding, "It's like they make up all new rules when it comes to her. It's like we are in some kind of fascist state."

As Austin Powers would say, “YEAH BABY! Go on with your bad self!!!”

Given Barack Obama’s earlier meeting with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, what are the odds in the all important, “Who’s gonna get to Sara Jane Olsen first” sweepstakes?

My money’s on Barack Obama based on past performance.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Go on with your bad self! my friend!!!

JMK said...

I was half kidding until I found that Congressman James McGovern (D., Mass.) is in bed with the Communist terrorists (FARC) in South America and that Congressmen Bonior, McDermott and Thompson took that junkett to Iraq on Saddam Hussein's dime.

Sometimes fact really IS stranger than fiction!

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