Friday, March 14, 2008

The NSEA Against Nevada

Out in Nevada, the State’s Teacher’s Union, the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) is at war with the State’s taxpayers and one of its largest businesses (the Casino Industry) and its leading Labor Union (the Culinary Workers Union).

Last year, the NSEA decided that it would circumvent the State Legislature and go directly to the people to get a pay raise for teachers.

Unfortunately for them, the voters of Nevada were even more opposed to raising their own taxes for a teacher pay raise than the State Legislature was.

NSEA President, Lynn Warne laid out the NESA’s position very clearly, “There is nothing more important than increasing educators’ salaries, benefits and improving their working conditions.”

It’s good to see that she didn’t muck things up by appealing for “the children.” She makes it all too clear that the NSEA’s concern has NOTHING to do with educating the children of Nevada, only with increasing the salaries, benefits and “improving the working conditions” (a code for LESS work for MORE pay) for her beloved teachers.

Interestingly enough the current Clinton-Obama race has created enmity between the NSEA and the the State’s Culinary Workers Union, which supported Barack Obama and with whom it appears, the AFL-CIO stands with, is opposed to a current ballot referendum the NSEA is pushing that would hike State taxes on Casinos, almost certainly resulting in tens of thousands of Culinary Union Workers being laid off.

So, that’s Lynn Warne’s plan?!

To push for a referendum (that would raise State taxes on Casinos from 6.75% to 9.75% to pay for NSEA member raises) that would result in thousands of layoffs for other Union workers to pay for her Union’s workers raises.

So, Lynn Warne and NSEA is engaged in some not so friendly inter-worker cannibalism for her own personal gain.
What's that famous Union motto? Isn't it "brotherhood, fraternity, equality?" I guess the brotherhood and fraternity are OUT....come to think of it, so's the equality, seeing that the NSEA seems to see teachers as being so much more "equal" than say, casino culinary workers.

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