Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keith Olbermann: A Tale of Two Controversies!

No wonder they call it Olberpocrisy! Once again, Keith Olbermann goes out of his way to prove he’s one of the dumbest, most pathetic dorks currently polluting America’s airwaves. Here he excoriates Geraldine Ferraro’s anti-Obama comment, while defending Jeremiah Wright’s far more vile anti-white and worse yet, anti-American comments.

Hey! I did MY part. I told Keith to stop wearing those red bell-bottoms.


Mick Brady said...

Thanks for posting this, J; not that any clear-headed thinking person wouldn't have seen through the mind-boggling balderdash this guy spews, or that many a muddled, rage-infested lib won't continue to bottom feed right along with him, but.....

To be honest, I couldn't even watch the whole thing; I just finished breakfast.

I think that what Ferraro said was either intended to mean that a candidate's personal qualities can be used as political capital, just as for instance, presidential nominees might select running mates from the South or the Southwest to garner votes that they would otherwise not get.

The other possibility, which I happen to believe, is that she fell on her sword for Hillary; one of many attempts to play the race card by reminding everyone that he's not white. Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that a guy who gave me so many chuckles during his years at ESPN has become a rather pathetic political commentator.

I would surmise that this is yet another example of the Peter Principle in action.

If Keith were truly confident about his arguments, he would offer more of a variety of guests on his show - rather than booking only those who are in agreement with his far-left rants. That he refuses to do so speaks volumes, IMO.

JMK said...

Mick! I'm glad your around.

I believe you're right about Ferarro's comments, it's kind of odd to see the Dems in suhc an ugly racial squabble, considering they're usually the defeners of political correctness.

JMK said...

I agree with you anonymous, about Keith Olbermann having been a great sports announcer, along with Dan Patrick on ESPN.

I wrote about that earlier in

You're 100% right that not having guests to debate the opposition POV puts Keith in the "amateur class" of pundits.

And his "Worst Person in the World" is just plain sad.

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