Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Joe Biden Barack Obama’s “Rosa Parks”?

It sure seems so, considering that when Senator Biden took liberties with a speech form Neil Kinnoch (the British Labor Party leader, who had no problems with Biden’s “borrowing some phrases”) he was promptly bounced for the 1992 Presidential race over charges of plagiarism. No matter that Mr. Kinnoch had no problems with Mr. Biden’s borrowing those thoughts, he was out of the race after violating a public trust.

The other day, in Wisconsin, Barack Obama lifted the exact speech given a couple years earlier by Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick and apparently (thanks to Joe Biden’s pioneering efforts) such plagiarism is no longer any big deal at all! In fact, partisan Obama supporters are now busily trying to redefine "plagiarism" as "taking words without permission," instead of the actual definition, "without the due acknowledgment."

WoW! We really have come a long way! Today, a middle aged white guy, like Joe Biden can be a civil rights pioneer for young black men like Barack Obama!

In a sense, Joe Biden is now the “Rosa Parks” of political plagiarists.

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