Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leftist Civil Rights Abuses Rampant With Canada's "Civil Rights Commission"

Leftists in Canada are trying, far more successfully, than their counterparts in the USA to silence the voices who oppose the insidious “American Liberal/”European Socialist” agenda.

Thanks to Canada’s Human Rights Commission, a commission that would be illegal here in the U.S. under the Bill of Rights, has allowed Muslims in Canada to persecute Ezra Levant ( and pictured above), now being tried in by the Canadian Civil Rights Commission in Alberta, for the “crime” of running examples of the Danish cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed, to show how frivolous the controversy was. His right to publish, his right to free expression is being challenged.

In another travesty, Catholic Insight, a monthly published in Toronto is being persecuted (prosecution is a term reserved for legitimate legal prosecutions that DO NOT violate individual rights, such as the right to free expression) for the “crime” of espousing the Catholic position on homosexuality (“hate the sin, but love the sinner”) and for “having vigorously opposed the gay rights agenda.” Canada’s Maclean’s magazine has a case pending for the “crime” of publishing an excerpt of a book by Mark Steyn.

Under Canada’s abusive Civil Rights Commission (CCRC), a recipient of a complaint, need not be told who the complainant is, or even what the complaint alleges and what’s more the CCRC has a 100% conviction rate, and no wonder, as, Rabbi Reuven Bulka and Sylvain Abitbol (Co-Presidents of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and strong supporters of the CCRC) penned an editorial entitled “Some human rights complaints are frivolous," which included this astounding line, “Human rights commissions must constantly recalibrate where the balance lies between free expression and its abridgement, but the determination of where to place the fulcrum must always be based on the statutory standard that such expression is “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.”
In other words, the concept of a "pre-crime" is still fine by them. No-one has to be exposed to hatred or contempt for someone to be found guilty. It just has to be "likely" that could happen. And hatred or contempt - emotional feelings - are enough. The CJC doesn't even think that a discriminatory act is necessary for a conviction. They support the notion of thought crimes.

As David Warren a Conservative activist from Ottaw noted recently in his excellent piece (Kafka’s Canada); “we may begin to deduce that there are two classes of Canadian writers (including journalists, authors of books, and contributors to the Internet) who should not, at this moment, feel threatened with the loss of their freedom. These are gay activists, and fanatical Islamists. I would guess that radical feminists are also pretty safe -- for the moment. And perhaps also those who harbour deep racial resentments against people with white skins. Everyone else is a “fair target.”
"The situation may change, however, for whimsical ideas about what constitutes a thought crime can and do vary from day to day.”

Ezra Levant asks the question, “Essentially they are pleading for Steyn and I as special cases. Is it because I'm a Jew and Steyn sounds like he might be, too? Is it because we're being sued by Muslim fanatics?

This is what the Left would dearly want for America too, but that pesky First Amendment that protects controversial speech gets in the way.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

The Canadian Human Rights Commission dismissal of the case against Fr. de Valk is being appealed by the Complainant.

Catholic Insight also faces attack on yet another front. You will be interested to know Catholic Insight has been put on a Heritage Canada watch list for communicating Church doctrine it deems denigrating to homosexuals, Catholic Insight may lose it's postal subsidy as a result. Heritage Canada has no difficulty funding a Gay Pornography magazine receiving the same subsidy however.

Sheryl Joi said...

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