Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Great stuff from Captain Capitalism

Not just the post, but the exchanges in the reply section, definitely worth a read;

The Middle East's Greatest Hope

Capitalism is an amazing force.
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Never has such a force done so much good for society than capitalismIt breeds innovation, wealth, peace and wipes out poverty at a rate and level that socialists could only dream of achieving.And I am sincere when I say that the more and more I think about it, capitalism is the only force that can quelch the insanity of radical Islam and provide the idiot nutjobs an alternative to blowing themselves up in a fruitless attempt to get to heaven. Heck, look how it's converted all of Mao's "devout" followers, not to mention lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty in China. If it can convert communist China, it certainly can provide hope to the middle east, and the UAE is just such a hope.This is an amazing chart, and I truly and genuinely believe that the solution to the problems of the middle east lie here; letting their people and commerce be free to do as they chose, just not blow people up. Additionally I think the UAE in diversifying their economy beyond oil will position themselves to handle the inevitable time when oil becomes either obsolete or depleted splendidly and will, overtime, soon increase their standards of living beyond their Saudi counterparts.

No wonder Halliburton moved there.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is a spoof blog because you scare me. I hope you are not serious. That is such a narrowminded approach to the issue of religious fundamentalism. And the rest of you, "they're just a bunch of animals". Are you serious? Capitalism will solve the 'problems of the middle east'!!! Can you even identify those problems for people who live there. Have you ever considered that the fear of western ideology and 'capitalism' is vested in the very fear of forced implementation of it. Capitalism as a development-tool the latest two decades has proven to have the very opposite outcome of your predictions. Increased poverty, rich get richer and the poor get poorer as the "trickle down" theory of contemporary capitalist discourse fails to deliver to the majority of the population. The World Bank and IMF, USAID, NED, the main policy instruments of global capitalism, and democracy has often failed to deliver economic and political security or prosperity to people in developing countries. Therefore, I doubt that capitalism will benefit the working class or poor people ( the majority) of the middle east... Hence, more fuel and incentives for fundamentalism directed towards the West. One thing that has to realised is that this has nothing at all to do with religion, it is by large a mixture of political and economic inequality.

10:52 AM

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon, I've only posted your comment because I want to ask a sincere question, do you have a vested interest in socialism?Seriously, capitalism has NOT worked? You literally are one of two things;1. Ignorant of successes like China, the US, Ireland and the UAE (which is Muslim and successful and capitalist)2. Lying and just acting like capitalism is a horrible thing because you have a vested interest in the transfer of wealth, namely to yourself.If it's 1, then there is a bevy of information out there that will show you and prove you wrong.If it's 2, why would anybody take you seriously?

3:39 PM

dtrum said...

It's always surprising to see how blind many people are. The last twenty years have been the most succesful in fighting poverty around the globe ever in history of mankind, due to the implementation of capitalism. It just shows what a great influence on the people the left-leaning media has.

9:51 AM

Captain Capitalism said...

It just proves to me more and more people don't want to work and find socialism is a great way to achieve that. The only problem is they have to villainize capitalism and outright lie about its track record.What ANGERS me to no end is the hypocrisy that they use claiming they "care about the poor" when in reality they keep people in poverty just so they can get their free government/non-profit check and feel good about themselves. Africa is a perfect example. 600 million kept poor so a bunch of feel-good do-nothing rich brats in America can feel good about themselves (Live Aid/8 anybody?)

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