Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SCOTUS Engages in its Own Tort Reform

On Monday, May 15, 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court set aside $55 Million in punitive damages against the Ford Motor Company for a roll over accident that left a 51 y/o mother of two paralyzed, after her 2002 Explorer rolled over.

The ruling did not affect the $28 million in Compensatory damages.

In February, it set aside a $79 Million Punitive verdict for a deceased smoker in Oregon.

In the 1990s the Supreme Court concluded that unrestricted Punitive awards may violate the Constitution and has been seeking ways to limit those verdicts ever since.

THAT’S why Conservative justices are so necessary.

Like the Kelo decision, supported by EVERY Liberal SC justice, the conclusion that unrestricted Punitive awards may be Unconstitutional was supported by EVERY Conservative Justice.

THANK YOU Antonin Scalia!

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