Thursday, May 3, 2007

Obama Pulls a Stalin (property confiscation sans compensation)!

For the past thirty months, a man named Joe Anthony has run Barrack Obama’s official MySpace Page.

In the process he has spent an estimated $30,000 and garnered a list of some 160,000 MySpace “friends” in the process.

Recently the Obama campaign became concerned about an outsider having control of the content and responses going out under Obama's name and told Anthony they wanted him to turn it over.

The two sides tried coming to an agreement over compensation, but acknowledged that it's hard to determine the value of 160,000 MySpace friends — about four times what any other official campaign MySpace page has amassed. Ultimately, the Obama campaign decided they wouldn't pay $39,000, which is what Anthony said he proposed for his extensive work on the site, plus some additional fees up to $10,000.

MySpace reluctantly stepped in to settle the dispute and decided that Obama should have the rights to control as of Monday night, while Anthony had the right to take the contact information for all the friends who signed up while he was in control. That includes the right to tell them exactly how he feels about the Obama campaign.

Anthony referred The Associated Press to his MySpace blog, where he has written that he is heartbroken that the Obama campaign was "bullying" him out of the page he built. He said the candidate has lost his vote.

So, I guess Obama isn’t merely a “Liberal,” he’s a devotee of Joe Stalin, Pol Pot and Hugo Chavez as well.

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