Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Muslim Cleric Schools American Libs on Stifling Dissent

In a rather harsh rebuke, Muslims have taken America’s Liberals to task for...well, for being wussies.

When campus Liberals can’t get Colleges to cancel Conservative speakers, many have been known to “storm the stage,” as some of Columbia University’s goons, uhhh, I mean "students" did over a visit from the Minutmen, recently.

But now, the official word from the “Religion of Peace,” is in, “All of that is unacceptable in Allah’s eyes.”

In Pittsburgh Imam Fouad El Bayly sought to get a speech by Ayaan Hiris Ali canceled, failing that, he didn’t merely organize some limp-wristed rally to storm the stage, no, he did what any lifelong practitioner of the “Religion of Peace” and slavish devotee to nonviolence would do, he called for a Fatwa (death sentence) for Ali for “defaming the faith.”

American Liberals bitterly complained that their’s is not a faith, but merely a “loose sought of belief system,” and “besides, we’re all pretty much against the death penalty.”

El Bayly shook his head sadly, “You’ll never learn,” he clucked, “We too are against the death penalty and so it grieves us greatly to inflict stonings and beheadings on those who defile either Islam or themselves, but we must, it is merely the price of belief."

“Nah, we prefer to just assault people,” one Liberal replied, “the penalties for that are far less around here, if we...” he let that thought trail off, as ElBayly walked away dejected.

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