Friday, December 22, 2006

Mitt Romney Set to Toss His Hat in the Ring for '08

Mitt Romney is apparently set to announce his candidacy for the White House in early January.

According the AP, "The Massachusetts chief executive is expected to file paperwork as early as Jan. 2 with the Federal Election Commission, establishing a presidential campaign committee and permitting himself to begin raising money for his race on the first business day of the new year. Romney will leave office on Jan. 4."

The Boston Globe assailed Romney last month erroneously claiming that he "hired illegal aliens to work on his lawn."

In fact, Romney hired a reputable Landscaping Company and signed a contract with the owner, an American citizen.

There are currently 34 states considering various legislation that would fine those who knowingly hire illegal aliens, but in every one of those statutes, the onus is on the company, not on individual customers to vet out an employees background. In fact, most of these statutes have provisions that exonerate companies when illegal aliens hand in forged or fake documents, as there's no cost effective way for any company to detect fraudulent IDs without significant government assistance.

The traditionalist and Conservative Romney is one of the few candidates on either side of the aisle that seems to have a deep and real understanding of the massive problem that illegal immigration has become and that strict border enforcement must be the key, without any backdoor amnesty deals for those already here.

Consider that today 7 of 10 babies born in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas are born to illegal aliens.

Also consider that about 5 million of our older Americans haven't signed up yet for their Medicare, Part D, drug plan - most of them are old and confused.

We are NOT going to grant them an extension.

However, 12 million illegal aliens are in our country and we are going to allow them to stay, protest, procreate, receive support monies, attend schools, avoid paying income taxes, have our teachers take 300 hours of ESL (English as a Second Language) training at our expense, etc.

Romney's right on illegal immigration.

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